5 Effective Ways To Prepare Garage Door Against Disasters

The only element of a home that suffers the most during strong winds and heavy rains is a garage door. Do you know how to protect your overhead door installation against these harsh climatic conditions that occur now and then. In more severe cases like hailstorms, earthquakes and hurricanes, there is a desperate need to plan the tackling method far ahead of a disaster.

If you keep yourself updated with the local atmosphere, weather reports and geographical topography, you can generate enough of time to make the ideal preparation. One needs to secure all his valuable and belongings, along with focusing on the safety of his family. Among the items to be secured, garage door comes at the highest property.

Some of the ways to prepare a garage door to tackle natural disasters are:

1. Shield the entire door with a protective cover. This will help in protecting the moving parts like chains, tracks, panels and rollers. In case, you are not having such a cover, use cardboard panels or clothing. This will help in keeping the door parts firmly attached to their exact place during strong winds.

2. Most possibly, the components that are already damaged or cracked tends to suffer the most, They can either fly away or tear apart during hurricanes. To prevent such damage, its advised to inspect the door thoroughly for cracks. If you notice any, try all possible things to prevent it from further tearing.

3. People often store less used items in a garage. Since, it is the most affected element during disasters, never store the essential disaster supply in the garage. In case, the door becomes faulty or falls down during the calamity, you won’t be able to access the disaster kit any longer.

4. Heavy rains, wind and earthquake can shake the overhead door badly that can result in the misalignment of tracks. To prevent this issue, check the door for balance to prevent the stuck door.

5. Loose doors are more prone to fall compared to the tightened ones. Before the disaster approaches, make sure that the door cables are attached firmly to the springs and all the hardware connections are tightened swiftly. This will prevent the door from swing open.

These are the few important tips that can help you in preparing your garage door against natural disasters and harsh climate conditions. In addition to this, regular maintenance is crucial to make a garage door strong and durable enough to cope the upcoming disasters. If you are looking to repair or prepare your door against disaster, our experts at Sherwood Park Garage Doors can help you.

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