Top 3 Mistakes To Avoid While Working With Garage Doors

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April 6, 2017

Top 3 Mistakes To Avoid While Working With Garage Doors

Top 3 Mistakes To Avoid While Working With Garage DoorsOne of the essential part of a property is a garage which serves the purpose of parking a vehicle. The other element that offers safety and security to a vehicle and garage opening is overhead door. If you own a garage that has a door installed, then you’ll probably save your vehicle from intruders and natural elements like rain, wind and snow.

In most of the homes, garages do support a secondary purpose of a gym room, store room or even office. If you are also using it for same purposes, then make sure it is properly protected. People often forget to inspect and maintain an automatic overhead door and therefore, end up wasting hundreds of dollars on repairs. If you want to maintain the performance of your garage door installation, avoid the below given mistakes:

  1. Not inspecting

    It is a common mistake that almost all homeowners do. They often forget or ignore to lubricate their expensive doors due to their busy schedules. The true value of a thing is only realized when its stop working and garage door is one of them. If it lacks regular service and repairs, it will soon end up not working at all.

  2. Delaying repairs

    Even a minor crack can turn into an expensive damage, if ignored. Most homeowners tend to ignore the minor panel cracks or spring damages while cleaning a door. These minor issues soon leads into a faulty overhead door that makes weird noises or doesn’t operate. We advise you not to underestimate even the smallest damage, as it may result in drastic situations like falling door and injuries. Get it repaired professionally from a garage door repair technician.

  3. DIY replacements

    Most of the overhead door accidents occur due to DIY repairs and replacements made by homeowners to avoid the hassles of calling a professional. Though this act may save you with money, but you’ll surely risk your and others safety. A broken torsion spring or frayed cable replacement are not at all a do-it-yourself task and should be done only by expert garage door installers.

These are few mistakes that are often made by garage door owners. If you really need a strong and secure residential garage door, call in our experts at Sherwood Park Garage Doors. To know more about our services, call us today.

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